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Have you ever wondered which music streaming service gets the most users? Well, a new report from Midia Research reveals which services have the most users, and the most popular one probably won’t surprise you at all.

According to the study, which uses data from Q2 2021, Spotify was by far the most popular music streaming service, taking a total of 31% of the market. Apple Music comes in second, with a respectable 15%. Surprisingly, third place is a tie between Amazon Music and Tencent Music with 13%. YouTube Music comes in next with 8%, and then the smaller services fill out the remaining market share.

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Interesting to note is that while Spotify continues to dominate, the latest numbers are actually a drop from 33% in 2020, which is a small but noticeable decrease. In Q2 2019, Spotify had 34% of the market, so the drop has been happening for a couple of years now.

According to Midia Research, there are a total of 523.9 million total music streaming subscribers in Q2 2021. If that number is accurate, that means Spotify had about 162.4 million subscribers paying for its music streaming service as of Q2 2021. That total number is up 109.5 million over the same time in 2020, so a lot of users signed up for premium music streaming services.

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