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A new app named DevToys calls itself a “Swiss Army knife for developers.” Basically, it’s akin to Microsoft PowerToys but with the tools that developers need to make their lives easier in mind.

The app comes with 14 different tools designed to streamline a developer’s life and make their workflows easier. Some available tools include a Json to Yaml and Yaml to Json converter, a JWT decoder, a Text compare tool, and more.

The developers say that some of the tools could be useful for non-developers. Something like comparing text could definitely be helpful for writers, and some of the graphic manipulation tools could also be beneficial for others.

Outside of the tools, the app has some other valuable features, such as the ability to pin specific tools to the Start menu, a dark theme, the ability to run multiple instances, and lots of other stuff.

As it’s only version 1.0 of the app, there should be plenty of tweaks and new features added as time goes on. In fact, the developers say that more tools are coming. It’ll be fascinating to see what else they add because it’s already packed with cool stuff.

The tool is available completely free, and it’s open-source, so you can go to Github and look at the code if you’re interested before trying it our for yourself.

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