Get PrivadoVPN for $2.50 per month ($30 a year)

You can’t be too careful when it comes to online security. Whether you’re checking email, surfing the web, or managing important personal data, a VPN can keep everything you do hidden away from ISPs and other prying eyes online. Now imagine having access to that same powerful protection at only a fraction of the price. For a limited time, our readers can get a full year of PrivadoVPN for just $2.50 per month ($30 a year).

What Is PrivadoVPN?

PrivadoVPN is a full-featured VPN service that hails from Switzerland, the data protection capital of the world. It offers a completely free tier where users can enjoy 10 GB of service every 30 days with zero ads, no speed limits, and no data logging. As a bonus, you can even use the free version with an unlimited number of devices for maximum versatility.

Need more than 10 GB of VPN service per month? PrivadoVPN offers an unlimited plan as well! Our readers can get 12 full months of service with no data caps for just $2.50 per month ($30 a year) by signing up at the official landing page here.

PrivadoVPN lets you choose the best encryption protocol for speed and security

Why Should You Choose PrivadoVPN?

There are plenty of reasons to choose PrivadoVPN over the competition. For starters, it’s completely free to test out on all of your devices. Simply sign up for the free 10 GB-per-month plan to see if it’s right for you. When you’re satisfied with the service, you can always upgrade to a paid plan later.

Second, PrivadoVPN is built on a robust server network that’s completely controlled in-house. That means user data is never routed through a third-party network, nor do any outside entities have access to PrivadoVPN’s infrastructure. As a result, your browsing history is completely safe and secure.

PrivadoVPN locations

Speaking of PrivadoVPN’s network, free-tier users have access to servers in 12 cities in 8 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and more. Paid users, on the other hand, can tap into PrivadoVPN’s hundreds of servers located throughout 44 different countries around the world, plus it comes with SOCKS5 proxy for the most thorough protection.

PrivadoVPN works on a wide range of devices and operating systems, including iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, and more, giving you the power to protect your browsing history, regardless of your device preferences.

Other notable benefits include streaming support for popular services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and many more. PrivadoVPN has a zero-logs backend that prevents user data from ever being monitored or recorded. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures you’re satisfied with the service.

PrivadoVPN service plans

Subscribe to PrivadoVPN Today

To get a full year of PrivadoVPN for just $2.50 per month ($30 a year), head on over to the official landing page and sign up. If you’re not sure you want to subscribe to the full version yet, you can also try out the free tier on all of your devices today.

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