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Not a big fan of Discord’s default dark interface? Activate the light theme to make the app use light-colored options. You can enable Discord’s light mode on desktop, the web, and mobile phones. Here’s how.

Later, if you want dark mode back, you can re-enable the dark theme in the app.

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Enable Light Mode in Discord on Desktop and the Web

The steps to enable Discord’s light mode in the desktop app and the browser version are the same.

Start by launching Discord on your computer. At the bottom-left corner of Discord, next to your username, click “User Settings” (a gear icon).

You will see a “User Settings” sidebar on the left. In this sidebar, from the “App Settings” section, select “Appearance.”

Choose "Appearance" from the left sidebar.

On the right pane, in the “Theme” section, click “Light” to enable light mode.

Tip: In the future, to switch back to dark mode, toggle on the “Dark” option.

Enable the "Light" option.

And Discord will immediately turn light, as you can see below.

Discord for desktop in light mode.

Enjoy using your favorite messaging app on a light interface!

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Turn On Light Mode for Discord on Mobile

Discord’s light mode is also available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android. To enable it, first, launch the Discord app on your phone.

In the app’s bottom bar, tap your profile icon.

You will see a “User Settings” page. Here, in the “App Settings” section, tap “Appearance.”

Select "Appearance" on the "User Settings" page.

On the “Appearance” page, enable light mode by tapping the “Light” option.

Tip: To switch back to dark mode, select the “Dark” option.

Activate the "Light" option.

And your app will quickly turn light.

Discord for mobile in light mode.

You are all set.

Like this, you can also enable dark mode on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows 10, Windows 11, and even Mac.

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