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Spotify has tons of playlists to choose from. If you find a playlist you like, but there are a few songs you’d like to change, you can copy it and customize it yourself. We’ll show you how.

This is a great way to make personalized playlists without having to start from scratch. You can find a pre-made playlist that’s close to what you want, and then copy it and put the finishing touches on it yourself.

Note: Copying Spotify playlists can only be done from the desktop and web app. We’ll be using the desktop app, but it looks the same on the web.

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First, open the Spotify app on the desktop or web and locate the playlist you would like to copy.

Select a playlist.

Next, click the first song in the playlist to highlight it.

Highlight the first song.

Now you can press Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on a Mac) to select all the songs. You can also hold down the Shift key and click the last song in the playlist.

Select all the songs.

Right-click on the highlighted songs and select Add to Playlist > Add to New Playlist.

Add songs to new playlist.

This will create a playlist with all of the selected songs, and it will be titled by the first song in the playlist by default. You can then change the title and cover just like you would any of your personal playlists.

New playlist from copied songs.

That’s it! Go forth and remove or add songs to your liking. You are now the proud owner of this playlist, so make it your own!

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