Do you fancy a GIF on a website or in a message someone sent you? You can save that and any other GIFs to your iPhone’s Camera Roll, giving you quick access to them for viewing and sharing.

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Save a GIF From a Website on iPhone

If you like a GIF on a website and you’d like to save it to your phone for offline access, here’s how to do that.

First, open your preferred web browser on your iPhone and launch the site where your GIF is located.

Once you see the GIF, tap and hold on it.

Tap and hold on a GIF.

In the menu that opens after tapping and holding on the GIF, select “Save Image.”

Choose "Save Image" from the menu.

Without any prompts, your iPhone will save the selected GIF image to your Camera Roll. To access this downloaded image, launch the Photos app on your iPhone.

You may now play around with this GIF however you want. Also, feel free to share it with others via social media or instant messaging apps that you use. Enjoy!

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Download a GIF From a Message on iPhone

If you have received a GIF via an iMessage, you can also download that image to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

To do so, open Messages and find the message containing the GIF. Tap and hold on it.

Tap and hold on a GIF.

In the menu that opens, tap “Save.”

Select "Save" from the menu.

And your GIF is now saved in your iPhone’s Photos app.

Use these methods to download as many of your favorite GIF images from the internet or iMessage as you want on your iPhone.

On a similar note, did you know you can convert your iPhone’s Live Photos to GIF images? Try that out if you’re interested.

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