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Venmo is one of the most popular ways to send money between friends and loved ones, and it just received a substantial gifting upgrade. Now, you’ll be able to send gifts with animated wrapping options.

“Venmo introduced a new way for customers to gift money to friends and family for any occasion big or small through its new gift-wrapping feature. Beginning to roll out today, Venmo’s latest feature gives customers access to eight unique and vibrant animated gift-wrap designs that can be added to a payment note,” said PayPal (Venmo’s owners) in a release.

Giving money is one of the most useful but least personal gifts you can send. While everyone likes cash, it always feels like the giver didn’t put much effort into the gifting process. With these new animations on Venmo, you can choose one of the eight animations to make your cash gift feel like it has a little more love in it.

There’s no charge to use Venmo’s gifting option. When sending a payment, you simply need to tap the gift-wrap icon and pick the one that works best for you. You can preview the payment and gift before sending it to ensure it gets the correct message across.

The option to gift wrap your payments may not be there for you yet. PayPal said, “The rollout of Venmo’s new gift-wrapping feature starts today for select customers and will be available for all customers in the coming weeks.”

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