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Another antivirus is getting in on the crypto hype. This time, it’s Avira. The antivirus just happens to be owned by the same company as Norton 360, which is also offering a crypto miner.

Similar to Norton 360, you can use the Avira antivirus already running on your computer to mine Ethereum. The company explained the benefit of using its crypto miner on the service’s FAQ page:

Avira Crypto allows you to use your computer’s idle time to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). Avira Crypto is an opt-in feature only and is not enabled without user permission. If users have turned on Avira Crypto but no longer wish to use the feature, it can be disabled through the Avira product user interface.

Since cryptomining requires a high level of processing power, it is not suitable for users with an average computer.

Even with compatible hardware, mining cryptocurrencies on your own can be less rewarding. Your best option is to join a mining pool that shares their computer power to improve their chance of mining cryptocurrency. The rewards are then distributed evenly to all members in the pool.

Also, like Norton 360 is the fee. According to Avira, “The coin mining fee is currently 15% of the crypto allocated to the miner.” You may also have to pay a fee to transfer your currency to another wallet, but that isn’t charged by Avira.

Interestingly, when testing Norton’s miner, Mitchell Clark of The Verge found that “a night of mining on an RTX 3060 Ti netted $0.66 worth of Ethereum and cost $0.66 in off-peak electricity. Norton took all the profit.” There’s no reason it would be any different with Avira’s tool, as it’s using the same fee schedule.

So is it worth it to mine crypto this way? With a 15% fee taken off the top, it’s probably not worth it, as you’re likely to simply break even with the electricity cost.

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