When you take a picture on your iPhone, your phone plays a shutter sound to indicate the photo was captured. You don’t really need this sound to take photos, and disabling it is easy.

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Mute the Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

The simplest way to disable your iPhone’s camera shutter sound is to put your phone in silent mode. When you do this, your iPhone turns off all its sounds, including the camera one.

Later, when you’ve captured your photos, you can disable silent mode.

To start and put your phone on silent mode, on the left side of your iPhone, flip the Ring/Silent switch so that you see the orange color.

Flip the Ring/Silent switch on iPhone.

If the Ring/Silent switch is no longer hiding the orange color, your iPhone is on silent mode.

Silent mode enabled on iPhone.

You may now launch the Camera app and take your photos without any shutter sounds.

When you are done with your photography, and you want to disable silent mode, flip the same switch again. And you are all set.

If your iPhone supports Live Photos, you can enable that feature and your iPhone won’t play a sound while capturing those moving photos. Though remember that Live Photos is not available on all iPhone models. In those cases, use the above method as it works on all iPhone models, old or new.

Like this, you can also quickly disable the lock sound on your iPhone, if you want.

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