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NVIDIA announced a new RTX 3080 model with 12GB of memory. The new GPU is slated to launch today through NVIDIA’s partners, but like all GPUs, this will be almost impossible to find.

The most significant upgrade between the new RTX 3080 and the original is the extra 2GB memory, but it also has 8960 CUDA cores, which is a bump of almost 3%. That should provide you with some extra gaming performance overall, though it won’t be enough to change the visuals of your games completely.

According to NVIDIA, the new card draws an extra 30 watts of power over the original, but you should still be able to run it with a 750W power supply.

Everything else about the new GPU is the same. It still features a 1.71 GHz Boost Clock and the same type of GDDR6X memory. But if you’re looking for a little bit more memory and power but don’t want to jump to a 3080 TI or a 3090, this is a card worth looking at, assuming you can find one.

RTX 3080 12GB pricing isn’t available yet, and it could be all over the price, as NVIDIA isn’t the one setting the prices. Instead, its board partners will determine how much the GPUs cost, and based on the way that market is, it’ll probably cost way more than it should. And even at that, it’ll probably sell out minutes after it goes on sale because demand for GPUs is absurd.

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