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If your work position, company, or any other details that you display in your email signature has changed, you will want to change your signature in your Gmail account to reflect that. It’s easy to do so and we’ll show you how.

In Gmail, you can update your current signature to add or remove details from it. If you need more than one signature, you can create and save multiple email signatures as well.

It’s also worth nothing that Gmail uses a different signature on each device. This means you will have to change the signature on each device you compose emails on individually.

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Change Your Gmail Signature on Desktop

To update your email signature on Gmail on your desktop, use the Gmail site.

Start by opening your favorite web browser and launching the Gmail site. Sign in to your account on the site.

In Gmail’s top-right corner, click “Settings” (a gear icon).

In the menu that expands, click “See All Settings.”

Select "See All Settings."

On the “Settings” page, in the “General” tab, scroll down to the “Signature” section. Here, click the signature you want to change.

Choose a signature.

In the pane to the right of your signature, you will see the current signature content. Click this box and edit the contents of your signature. There are various formatting options to use, which are found at the bottom of the signature box.

These formatting options include text styles like bold, italic, and underline. It also has an option to add a link to your text. You can even insert an image in your signature if you want.

Change the signature in Gmail on desktop.

When you are happy with the changed signature, scroll down the page to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”

And your Gmail signature is now updated. You are all set.

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Change Your Gmail Signature on Android

To modify your email signature in Gmail on Android, first, launch the Gmail app on your phone.

In the Gmail app, at the top-left corner, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Open the hamburger menu.

From the menu that opens, select “Settings.”

Choose "Settings."

On the “Settings” page, choose the account in which you want to change your signature.

Select an email account.

On the account page, scroll down and tap “Mobile Signature.”

Tap "Mobile Signature."

A “Signature” box will open. Here, type the new signature you want to use in Gmail on your phone. Then tap “OK.”

Type the new signature and hit "OK."

And that’s it. Your signature in the Gmail app on your Android phone is now changed.

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Change Your Gmail Signature on iPhone or iPad

To make changes to your Gmail signature on an iPhone or iPad, first, open the Gmail app on your phone.

In Gmail’s top-left corner, tap the three horizontal lines.

Access the hamburger menu.

In the menu that opens, tap “Settings.”

Tap "Settings."

On the “Settings” page, select the account in which you want to change your email signature.

Select the email account.

On the account page, tap “Signature Settings.”

Open "Signature Settings."

Select the current signature, clear it, and then type your new signature. Then go back to the previous screens by tapping the arrow icon in the top-left corner.

Enter a new email signature.

You are done.

And that’s how you add or remove details from your current email signatures in Gmail on your various devices. Very handy!

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