Android Windows integration

Even though Google decided not to attend CES 2022 in person, the company still announced plenty of good stuff coming to Android. Perhaps most exciting is the announcement that Android and Windows will work better together.

Google describes the integration between Windows and Android by saying, “by connecting your Android phone to your Windows PC with Fast Pair, you’ll be able to quickly set up Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages and share files with Nearby Share.”

Essentially, you’ll be able to move more seamlessly between your Android phone and your Windows PC by having your text messages, Bluetooth accessories, and everything just works. At least, that’s how Google describes it. We’ll have to wait until we get our hands on the feature to see how smooth it actually is.

As far as availability, Google says it’s “working with Acer, HP, and Intel to bring these experiences to select Windows PCs first later this year.”

Hopefully, it makes its way to all Windows PCs later, as it sounds like a rather exciting feature that’ll create an experience that’s more akin to how iPhone devices and Macs work together. It seems like Google is trying to create its own smooth ecosystem like Apple, and this is one step in that direction.

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