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Many of the robots we see are designed to help us be lazier. Robot vacuums are a prime example of this. But two new bots from Labrador Systems called Caddie and Retriever are intended to help those who need it most by performing basic tasks for them.

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The company is offering two different models. First, there’s the Retriever, which is the top-end model. Then there’s the Caddie, which is a slightly scaled-back version that still performs the same basic functions.

What are those functions? Essentially, the robots are designed to navigate your home and get things for you. If you need it to get an item from the refrigerator, it’ll do it. If you need it to hang out while you fold laundry, it’ll do it. It can hold up to 25 pounds while still being small enough to navigate around your house.

“There’s a significant portion of our society that’s massively underserved,” said Labrador Systems CEO Mike Dooley. “When pain or other health issues start interfering with your ability to move yourself or other things, even short distances can have a major impact on your independence, quality of life, and overall health. The Retriever is meant to help physically bridge some of that gap and empower individuals to be more active and do more on their own.”

There are a number of ways to control the Retriever and Caddie. You can use the touch screen, a mobile app for the phone, voice assistants, or a wireless button. Because it’s designed for accessibility, having options is important.

The price of the robots isn’t cheap, but the functionality they offer could be life-changing. You’ll need to put down $1,500 upfront, regardless of which model you choose. The Caddie then costs $99 per month for 36 months and the higher-end retriever goes for $149 per month for 36 months.

Of course, your home will need to be modified to work with the robots properly. It can’t open a standard refrigerator, for example. However, according to The Verge, the company will help with the retrofitting required to make this happen.


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