Dell Concept Flow in use at a desktop computer

A big part of CES is seeing products that are coming soon. Concepts for the future are as important, though. Dell knocked it out of the park with its Concept Flow, a future docking station designed to make moving between workspaces seamless and secure.

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According to Dell, “Concept Flow is an adaptable concept solution that could eliminate many of these frustrations and productivity disruptors.” Essentially, that means it’s a docking station that eliminates the struggles we typically see with docking stations.

“Our teams have married devices, industry-standard wireless charging technology, intelligent software applications, and Wi-Fi 6E docking technology to create a singular, seamless experience,” said Dell in a press release.

Basically, you walk up to this futuristic workstation, set your laptop down, and everything just works. Your laptop charges wirelessly, you connect to the screen, mouse, and keyboard, and you start working. When you’re done, you get up with your laptop, and everything logs you out automatically so the next person can jump on and start their work.

If you’re curious how it’ll all work, Dell posted a video showcasing the technology, which you’ll find below, and it really does look seamless. Of course, this is a concept, so it’s not clear exactly when we’ll get to have one of these in our office.

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