Motorola MA1 Android Auto adaptor
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If you have a car with Android Auto and you’re sick of dealing with wires, the Motorola Android Auto MA1 is precisely what you need. It takes any car’s wired Android Auto system and makes it wireless.

🎉 The Motorola MA1 is a How-To Geek Best of CES 2022 award winner! Make sure to check out our full list of winners to learn more about exciting products coming in 2022.

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“The Motorola MA1 licenses technology from Google that makes it simple for users to connect to existing USB-enabled Android Auto vehicles wirelessly, making it even easier to access preferred maps, media, and messaging apps on the car’s display,” the company said in a press release.

Basically, you need to plug this adapter into your car’s USB port, and you’ll have access to wireless Android Auto. You’ll have the same features you’d get with wireless Android Auto built into your car, but without having to go out and buy a new car.

“Motorola strives to simplify our customers’ lives through innovative technology that seamlessly integrates into everyday life, ” says Dave Carroll, Executive Director Strategic Brand Partnerships at Motorola. “The Motorola MA1 eliminates the need to plug your phone into your car’s infotainment system every time you get in your car, allowing for easy access to your favorite navigation apps.”

Once it’s all up and running, your phone will connect to the adapter automatically using Bluetooth, so it’ll be a quick and painless process every time you get into your car.

Important to note is that you’ll need to already have wired Android Auto support for the Motorola MA1 to work. If your car doesn’t support Android Auto over USB, this adapter will be utterly useless for you.

You’ll be able to pick up the Motorola MA1 on January 28, 2022, for $89.95. If you’re excited about the idea of having wireless Android Auto, this is definitely a device you’ll want to snag.

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