Xbox controller with TV.

A smart TV is good for more than just YouTube and Netflix. If you’ve got a game controller lying around, there’s a good chance you can connect it to your Google TV or Android TV device. We’ll show you how.

Google TV and Android TV have support for many game controllers built-in. If you have a Bluetooth wireless controller, there’s a good chance it will work exactly how you’d expect. You can then use the controller for Android games, emulators, cloud game streaming services, or even just to navigate the smart TV interface. Let’s get started.

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First, select your profile photo on the home screen and go to “Settings.”

Open the TV "Settings."

Scroll down to “Remotes & Accessories.”

Scroll down to "Remotes and Accessories."

Now select “Pair Remote or Accessory.”

Now select "Pair Remote or Accessory."

Put your controller into pairing mode. You may have to do a web search to find out how to do this. Select the controller when it appears on the screen and “Pair.”

Select your controller and pair it.

You can go back to the previous screen and you’ll see the controller listed.

Controller has been connected.

That’s it! You can use the controller as a remote to move around the Google TV or Android TV interface. You may have to set up the controller in certain games to get it to work correctly, but many controllers are natively supported and will work with no extra configuration.

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