Did you hide some photos on your iPhone but you are now not sure where those photos are? It’s easy to see those hidden photos on an iPhone, and we’ll show you how.

Note: Respect other people’s privacy when using this knowledge, as they have their own reasons for hiding photos on their iPhones.

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See Hidden Photos on iPhone

To view your hidden photos, first, launch the Photos app on your iPhone.

At the bottom of the Photos app, tap “Albums.”

Tap "Albums" at the bottom of the Photos app.

On the “Albums” page, scroll down to the bottom. There, in the “Other Albums” section, tap “Hidden.”

On certain iOS versions, the “Hidden” album is located in the “Utilities” section.

Note: If you do not see the “Hidden” album option, the album itself might be hidden. To enable it, follow the steps in the section below.

Tap "Hidden" in the "Other Albums" section.

The “Hidden” album screen shows all your hidden photos and videos.

View iPhone's hidden photos.

To unhide a photo or video, tap that item on the list. When the item opens in full-screen, in the bottom-left corner, tap the share icon.

In the share menu, tap “Unhide.”

Select "Unhide" from the share menu.

And your selected photo or video is now visible to everyone in Photos.

If you’re not finding the photos you were looking for, consider trying to recover deleted photos on your iPhone or iPad.

Enable the “Hidden” Photo Album on iPhone

On iOS 14 and later, you can turn off the “Hidden” album in the Photos app. To re-enable that album, you will have to change an option in your iPhone’s settings.

To do so, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “Photos.” Then, enable the “Hidden Album” option. Your album is now visible in the Photos app, and you can access your hidden photos.

And that’s how you go about finding photos and videos that you previously hid on your iPhone. Enjoy!

Want to hide more photos or videos on your iPhone? It’s easy to do that.

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