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Not everything needs to be digital these days. If you want to print your Google Calendar to pop a month’s schedule on the fridge for your family or a week’s schedule to hand your childcare provider, it’s easy to do.

You can print a day, week, or month of your Google Calendar along with the schedule and custom views. You can also select specific dates, which is handy for a travel itinerary or a convention you’re attending.

Option 1: Print a Day, Week, Month, or a Custom View in Google Calendar

Visit the Google Calendar website, log in if necessary, and mark the calendars on the left if you have more than one.

To print a month, select “Month” in the view drop-down box at the top of the main Google Calendar screen. If you have a custom view set up, like a five-day view, select it in the drop-down box. For a day or week, you can select one of these views using the drop-down box or choose one of the other views and adjust it to Day or Week on the Print Preview screen.

Select a calendar view

Click the gear icon to the left of that to view the Settings Menu and choose “Print.”

Select Print

On the Print Preview screen, you’ll see that the View is set to Auto. This means that whichever view you choose on the main screen is the one you’ll see here by default. However, you can change it to Day or Week in the View drop-down box for those options.

Change the Print view

Above the View, pick the Print Range for the dates you want to print. As you adjust this range, you’ll see the number of pages included over the preview.

Choose dates for the Print Range

Next, you can choose a different Font Size to make the text on the printed piece larger or smaller. You can also select Portrait or Landscape for the Orientation which is set to Auto by default. For Color & Style, you can pick from Outline, Full Color, or Black and White depending on your preference.

Print settings for Font, Orientation, and Color

At the bottom of the print settings, you can check the boxes to Show Weekends and Show Events You Have Declined if you wish to include these on the printed calendar.

Show Weekends or Declined Events

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Option 2: Print a Schedule in Google Calendar

Alternatively, if you have a particular schedule of events that you want to print, you can do so with some additional options beyond those above.

Select “Schedule” in the View drop-down box at the top of the main Google Calendar screen. Then, click the gear icon to open the Settings Menu and choose “Print.”

Schedule view, select Print

On the Print Preview screen, you’ll see a few of the same settings as with the above views. You can select the Print Range for the dates, choose a Font Size, and pick a page Orientation. You can also Show Events You Have Declined and print in Black and White.

Adjust the Schedule print settings

Along with these settings, the Schedule view gives you More Options at the bottom. You may way to print the descriptions of the events, the end times, the attendees, and your responses to the invitations. Simply check the boxes for those options you’d like to include.

Choose More Options

Print Your Google Calendar or Schedule

Once you select the view and adjust the print settings and options, click “Print” at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on the browser you’re using and your settings, you may see the calendar open as a PDF file or have the option to print immediately. Simply follow the prompts to print your calendar.

Print settings in Firefox

For additional tips and how-tos for Google Calendar, take a look at how to set different time zones or how to quickly email event guests.

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