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A new app on the Mac App Store called Notchmeister is designed to spruce up the much-maligned MacBook Pro notch with some decorations. It’s not the most advanced app in the world, but it will help you embrace the notch you’ve been given.

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The Iconfactory, the company responsible for the app, points out that “If you have a new MacBook Pro, you also have a new notch. Congratulations!”

The developer described Notchmeister in the app’s description: “Have you ever wondered what happens to your mouse while it’s traveling underneath the notch? Notchmeister answers that question with exciting effects that take your Mac to a whole new dimension.”

There are five different effects that you can trigger when your mouse cursor goes under the notch. You can make it glow, add a holiday effect, and others. It’s not necessarily an app that will change how you use your high-end MacBook Pro, but it will make the notch feel more like a fun feature than an annoyance, which is nice.

As a bonus, Notchmeister is free (which is good because I’d have a hard time justifying spending money on an app that only spruces up the notch). If you want to try it out, you can download it from the Mac App Store and see if it makes you dislike the notch a little less (or like it more, if you actually enjoy the notch).

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