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Even though they’ve been available for a long time, it’s still almost impossible to find a PS5 or Xbox Series X game console. Amazon is trying to make it a little easier for Prime members, as the company is giving them first dibs when the consoles come back in stock.

Wario64 on Twitter first spotted the change to Amazon’s PS5 and Xbox Series X selling priority on the console’s page. It reads, “Amazon Prime customers will be given priority access to the PlayStation 5 through 12/31.”

Of course, both consoles are out of stock at the moment on Amazon, and there’s currently no indication when the company plans to restock them. However, if you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ll want to pay attention for the next drop, as you will get the first crack at adding one to your cart and hopefully purchasing one.

It’s worth noting that a lot of people in the US have Prime. In fact, 76.6 million households are expected to have Prime by 2022. That means you’ll have a lot of completion for these consoles.

Amazon is far from the first company to offer PS5 and Xbox consoles as a perk for members. Best Buy recently put the consoles behind a subscription, and Verizon followed a similar path. Even Sony is planning to sell PS5 consoles directly to its biggest fans.

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Amazon Prime members get first dibs.

Sony PlayStation 5

When Amazon eventually restocks the PS5, Prime members will get the first chance to buy one.

You just might get one.

Xbox Series X

When Amazon eventually restocks the Xbox Series X, Prime members will get the first chance to buy one.

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