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With the launch of iOS 15.1, Apple finally brought SharePlay to the masses. Now, it’s up to streaming services to add support, and Disney+ is the latest to bring its users Apple’s Facetime video sharing feature.

With SharePlay, you and your friends can use FaceTime to sync playback while watching something on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Now, the feature has arrived on Disney+ so that you can watch your favorite Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney content with your friends and loved ones no matter where they are.

For most people, SharePlay will be preferable to Disney+’s GroupWatch feature, as SharePlay lets you use other apps while you’re watching something. The movie or show you’re observing will appear in a PIP window while you play games, text, or do whatever else you want to do on your device.

Disney says that the entire Disney+ catalog is available with SharePlay support, including movies and shows that haven’t officially launched yet.

Each user on the SharePlay call will need to have their own Disney+ account, so this isn’t a way to share content with your friends who haven’t subscribed yet. You’ll also have to have iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, tvOS 15.1, or macOS Monterey 12.1.

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