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LastPass is undergoing a metamorphosis, as it’s about to become its own company rather than existing as part of the LogMeIn brand. This will mean some changes for the password manager, but the price isn’t going to drop.

While it’s interesting that LogMeIn is making LastPass into its own company (perhaps to get away from the negative attention it received when it first purchased the password manager), what really matters is how this will change the experience for the average LastPass subscriber. By the looks of things, not much will change.

In a blog post, LogMeIn CEO & President Bill Wagner said:

As customers, you’ll start to see us deliver an enhanced LastPass, on an accelerated timeline. We are working on faster, seamless save and fill, a delightful mobile experience, and even more third-party integrations for businesses, among many other updates. We are expanding our support channels so we can answer your questions faster, right when you need them, and you’ll be welcomed by a new look and feel on our website. We are investing directly in areas that customers like you have told us are most important.

So it sounds like LastPass will get better customer service and faster updates, but the actual day-to-day usage will remain more or less unchanged. And of course, there’s no mention of the price dropping to where it was before LogMeIn took over, so users who were hoping to save some money are going to be disappointed.

Wagner also said, “Don’t worry — there are no changes to your account or data in your vault. This is the same great product, now with even more focus on keeping your data safe.”

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