To shut off an iPhone 13, press and hold the Volume Up button and the Side button until "Slide to Power Off" appears on the screen, then slide the power icon all the way to the right. You can also shut off an iPhone 13 by navigating to Settings > General > Shut Down.

To help troubleshoot or save battery life, sometimes you need to completely restart or shut down your iPhone 13. We’ll show you how to do it—with instructions that also apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Turn Off an iPhone 13 with Hardware Buttons

You can easily shut down an iPhone 13 completely by using two buttons on either side of the device. To do so, press and hold the Volume Up button (on the left side of the phone) and the Side button (on the right side).


Hold the two buttons until you see a “slide to power off” slider appear on the screen. Next, use the slider by placing your finger on the circle in the slider and swiping it to the right.

The Apple "Slide to Power Off" slider.

After that, your iPhone 13 will power off, shutting down completely. To turn it back on later, hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

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Turn off an iPhone 13 in Settings

It’s also easy to shut down an iPhone 13 using the Settings app—no buttons required. To do so, first open Settings by tapping the grey gear icon.

In Settings, tap “General.”

In Settings on iPhone, tap "General."

In “General,” scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “Shut Down.”

In Settings > General, tap "Shut Down."

After tapping “Shut Down,” you’ll see a “Slide to Power Off” slider appear on the screen. Swipe it to the right, and your iPhone 13 will turn off.

Use the "slide to power off" slider to turn off the iPhone.

Now that it’s off, your iPhone 13 will no longer use battery power, so you can store it for a relatively long period of time without losing a charge.

If you’re attempting to troubleshoot a problem with your iPhone by shutting it down and restarting it, wait 30 seconds, then turn your iPhone back on by holding the Side button (on the right side of the iPhone) until you see an Apple logo. Then you’re good to go. Good luck!

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