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Microsoft is beta testing a new feature for the Xbox app on PC that seems so obvious that it’s incredible it hasn’t come to every PC gaming storefront. The app’s beta will now tell you right away if a game will run well on your PC, making it infinitely easier to make purchasing decisions.

When you go to a supported game, as reported by The Verge, you’ll see a simple area near the top of the screen that says, “Should play great on this PC.” That means you can buy the game (or download it through Game Pass) and not have to worry about whether it’ll run or not.

The feature is definitely in the early stages of testing, and you’ll need to download the Xbox Insider app to try it, but it seems promising. We hope Steam, Epic, and other PC game stores borrow it. Lots of games don’t even have labels yet, but if this takes off, it could lower the barrier to entry for PC gaming for some people.

Of course, Steam and the Xbox app have long shown the minimum and recommended system requirements of a game. And you could compare these against the specs of your PC to see if a game is playable, but not everyone knows what GPU or they have or how much RAM their PC is running. Having a quick little feature that says this game will or won’t run is incredibly helpful.

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