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Pluto TV is coming to Google TV in a big way. Google announced Pluto TV would be integrated at the OS level with free live streaming TV channels in the Live tab or view Free Live TV recommendations in the For you tab.

Google consistently puts out new improvements for its Google TV OS (which is found on the Chromecast with Google TV). The latest improvement comes through a partnership with Pluto TV, a popular free linear streaming service. Instead of on-demand video content, Pluto TV functions more like traditional cable.

When you download the Pluto TV app on your Google TV-toting device, you’ll see more than 300 free live TV channels on the Live tab and Free Live TV recommendations in the For you tab. If you’re an avid user of Google TV and you like navigating right from the OS level, this is a significant upgrade that’ll make finding new stuff to watch an easier experience.

Google says the partnership with Pluto TV starts today, but the integration will roll out to all Google TV devices in the coming weeks. That means that even if you download the Pluto TV app on your Chromecast with Google TV, you may not see the channels in the Live and For You tab yet.

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