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Recently, LG announced that it was departing the smartphone business. To go with that, the company is shutting down its developer website, which means this is your last chance to unlock your bootloader.

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LG posted on its developer website regarding the change. Here’s what the company said:

LG made the difficult decision to close its mobile phone business to focus on other businesses that will provide new experiences and value for consumers. Hereby, we inform you that the service of LG Mobile Developer is scheduled to terminate on December 31st, 2021.

After the service is terminated, all information provided on the website and issuing the bootloader unlock key will not be available. Personal information collected to provide services will be destroyed. However, we store personal information for a fixed period of time if required by relevant laws and regulations.

That means anyone who owns an LG smartphone on which they’d like to unlock the bootloader to install a custom ROM or root the device will need to make it happen before December 31, 2021, as that’s when the website will shut down.

Of course, you’ll still be able to use your LG phone long after December 31, but if you ever plan on tinkering with the device, that’s the deadline to get that bootloader unlocked and ready to go.

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