Office for Windows new look

Microsoft started testing a new user interface for Office a few months ago. The new look and feel better aligns with Windows 11 and now it’s making its way to all Office 365 and Office 2021 users.

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One of the first tweaks you’ll notice is the ribbon bar, which featured a more rounded look, similar to the rest of Windows 11. It won’t change the way you use the functionality offered by the bar, but it will make Microsoft’s flagship software fit in with the rest of the operating system.

Windows 11 Office dark mode

Outside of the rounded look, Microsoft has also made it so Office matches the light and dark mode you’re currently using for the OS. Nothing clashes worse than an app running in light mode when your PC is set to dark, so this update solves that issue and further keeps the theme of making Office blend in with the rest of Windows.

You can actually turn the new look on and off depending on your preferences. There’s a Coming Soon megaphone on the top of the screen and clicking that will flip from the new look to the old one.

This update is for Windows 11 users, so if you’re running Office on a Windows 10 or older machine, you won’t notice anything new.

All in all, it’s a small update, but it’s a needed one, as the old Office look stuck out when combined with all the rounded corners in Windows 11. Now, Office looks right at home.

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