Xbox Series X

Microsoft is looking for a handful of Xbox fans who want to test future Xbox features through its Alpha and Skip-Ahead Insiders programs. If you’re interested in seeing what’s coming to the Xbox in the future, you can apply right now.

According to Microsoft, “Alpha and Skip-Ahead rings, Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead are ‘invite-only’ rings that receive builds earlier than the rest of the Insider rings. Both rings may receive features that have not yet been released to other rings.” Essentially, you’ll be getting far earlier builds than other gamers, so you’ll be able to try out features before everyone else.

Anyone can apply to join either the Alpha or Skip-Ahead Insiders programs, but only a select number of Xbox gamers will receive an invitation to join. “We don’t share specific details, but we look at a variety of factors like high-quality submitted feedback, quest/survey participation, and playing games. More importantly, we select users who let us know they are interested in participating,” says Microsoft on who gets to join.

If you’re interested in joining and understand that Microsoft is looking for feedback on these new features, you can launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your console. From there, select “Activities” and scroll down and select “Joining new rings.” Complete the survey and wait to see if Microsoft chooses you.

Obviously, you’ll be trying out very early builds on your console, so there may be some issues that pop up. If you want a completely smooth experience on your Xbox, you’re better off sticking with the release builds. However, if you understand the risks, this could be a fun way to test the future of Xbox.

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