Chromebook Camera features

Google is making some significant changes to the Chromebook camera. With a software update, you’ll be able to use your laptop as a scanner, adjust the camera angle with external cameras, and more.

The most exciting update announced by Google is the fact that your Chromebook’s camera will now function as a document scanner.

Google said, “Have you ever wanted to use your Chromebook to share a physical document or image, but weren’t sure how without the help of a scanner? You can now use your Chromebook’s built-in camera to scan any document and turn it into a PDF or JPEG file.”

To use the new scanner, you need to open the camera app and select “Scan” mode. From there, hold your document in front of the camera, and it’ll figure out where the edges are and scan the document. You can then share it through Gmail, social media, or nearby devices using Nearby Share.

If your Chromebook comes with a front and back camera, you can use either one to scan documents.

If you’re using an external camera with your Chromebook, you can use the new Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature to change what your camera captures.

Google also announced a new feature for the future of the camera app. You’ll be able to make GIFs quickly and easily with your Chromebook camera.

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