Clarity Boost Xbox side by side

Microsoft has announced a new feature called Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming. While new features are never a bad thing, this particular one is exclusive to Microsoft Edge, meaning the company is locking other browsers out of a better Xbox Cloud Gaming experience.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming has partnered with Microsoft Edge to create an improved experience with optimizations now available exclusively in the Microsoft Edge browser, providing the optimal look and feel while playing Xbox games from the cloud,” Milena Gonzalez, Program Manager at Xbox, wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft says that Clarity Boost “uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream.”

Essentially, games will look better with the feature, but you’ll need to be using Edge as your browser to receive the benefits. You can see a difference in the image above, but it doesn’t seem like something that’ll make us want to run out and switch browsers.

This is another attempt by Microsoft to persuade Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and other third-party browser users to make their way over to Edge, which comes preinstalled on Windows. Locking a new feature to its own browser isn’t a good look for Microsoft, as it could bring up some anti-competitive arguments against the company.

If you do want to try out the feature for yourself and see if the difference is worth switching browsers for, you can download Edge Canary and try it out right now. However, if you don’t want to mess with the potential bugs that come with the Canary Edge build, Microsoft says Clarity Boost will roll out to all Edge users “by next year.”

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