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Zoom has finally added a new feature that we’ve all been waiting for—automatic updates. Rather than staying on top of keeping zoom updated yourself, the app will handle the process on its own, leaving you to worry about showing up for meetings on time.

“We are excited to announce we’re launching an automatic update feature designed to streamline this process and help make security second nature,” said Zoom’s Jeromie Clark in a blog post.

To turn on automatic updates, you need to go to Settings in your Zoom app and then toggle “Automatically keep my Zoom up to date.” You will then be asked to enter admin credentials, which will only be required one time to enable the setting.

Once you’ve turned it on, Zoom will prompt you to update when you’re not in a meeting when a new version is available. This will save you from needing to check for an update yourself every time. You’ll be able to get the latest features and any security fixes as they launch, instead of when you hear about the update or happen to check to see if there’s a new version.

Zoom is also offering different update paths. There’s the Slow option, which is selected by default. This setting provides fewer updates and focuses on stability. The Fast option allows you to grab the latest features as soon as they become available but at the possible cost of stability.

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