Spotify and Netflix

Netflix and Spotify are working together with a new Netflix Hub on Spotify. You can get audio experiences from many of Netflix’s most popular properties on the music streaming service, whether you’re a free or premium Spotify user.

As far as what content you’ll find on the Netflix hub, Spotify said, “Free and Premium listeners in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, and India can access official soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts, along with exclusive Spotify content.”

To get access to the new content, you need to search for “Netflix” on Spotify. From there, you’ll find all sorts of content related to shows like Squid Games, Bruised, Cowboy Bebop, and all of the other big Netflix shows you know and love.

To get it going, Spotify says, “To kick off this next chapter in the golden age of audio streaming, we’re unveiling an enhanced album experience for Netflix’s new action-packed Western film, The Harder They Fall.”

New audio adventures will be added to the hub over time, so it doesn’t seem like this is just a quick partnership between Netflix and Spotify. If you’re really into Netflix shows and movies, these adventures could be a way to get even more from the characters and properties you enjoy.

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