Windows 11 Flat Emoji

‘There’s been a lot said about the new Emoji in Windows 11. Between the initial excitement when the 3D ones were first shown to the disappointment when they were flattened, we’ve heard it all. Now, the talk can end because the new emoji have officially arrived in Windows 11—Clippy and all.

“These new Fluent style emoji being released in Windows 11 today feel personal and familiar, two of our Windows 11 design principles,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

While the company may not have made the 3D emoji we all loved, the company spent plenty of time working on the new ones. “A team of emoji designers, program managers, font experts, and developers focused on creating this new emoji system. From color palettes to modular features, designers built out a system that would scale to the expansive set of Unicode emoji,” Microsoft explained.

If you want to experience the new Windows 11 emoji, you’ll need to get the optional November 2021 Windows 11 preview release. Go to Settings, then click “Update & Security,” followed by “Windows Update.” Finally, click “Check for updates” and then download the November 2021 Windows 11 preview release.

Once you have the update, you can hit the Windows + period keys to open the emoji picker. From there, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of new emoji options in Windows 11. You can even try out the Clippy emoji mixed in there, which is quite fun.

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