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Looking to create a new website using Google Sites, but don’t want to start from scratch? If you have a Google Site you’ve built before, you can get a jumpstart by copying one or more pages from it instead.

Users once only had the ability to copy an entire site to a new one, which wasn’t always convenient. But with an update to the application, Google allows you to pick and choose which pages you want to copy.

This is ideal for a new site where you want to keep the same page elements but redesign the appearance, using different sites for A/B testing, or simply setting up more than one website with similar pages.

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Copy Pages to a New Google Site

Visit Google Sites and select the website whose pages you want to copy from the main screen.

With the site open, click the three vertical dots (More) on the top right. Choose “Make a Copy” from the list of options.

Select More, Make a Copy

Enter the name of the new site in the File Name section. To select a different folder for the site, click “Change” and choose the location. Optionally check the box to “Share With the Same Editors.”

Enter the new site details

In the Pages area, mark the option for Selected Page(s). Click “Next.”

Mark Selected Pages

To reuse all of the pages from the current site, click “Select All” on the top right.

Select All pages

To use only certain pages, you can use the Filter Pages spot to type in a keyword for the page.

Filter the pages

Alternatively, you can expand any pages that have subpages to view them all. To choose all subpages within a page, click “Select All” to the right. Otherwise, check the boxes next to each page you want to copy.

Select the pages

Click “OK” when you finish choosing the pages.

You’ll see a brief message at the bottom of the window letting you know that the copy has started.

Copy Started message

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Open the New Google Site

On the top left of Google Sites, click the icon to return to the Sites Home and select the site you just created.

When the site opens, pick the Pages tab in the sidebar on the right and you should see those pages you copied from the other website. You’ll also see them in the site’s default navigation.

New site pages

You can then edit the new site without any changes to the original. This includes edits you make to the pages as these are now part of a new site.

Whether you want a quick way to create a new site with the same pages or plan to test two different themes, copying a set of pages is easy in Google Sites.

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