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Have you ever received a message from an iPhone user on your Android phone that’s just an annoying reaction? To other iPhone users, it looks normal, but for anyone with an Android, it looks weird. Well, Google is finally working on a solution that will turn those reactions into emojis.

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When someone reacts to a text message on iPhone, other iPhone users see a symbol on the message letting them know there’s been a reaction. Android users, on the other hand, actually see a text message that looks like this:

Emphasized “I’m on my way.”

It creates rather ugly message threads when lots of people are using these reactions in a group chat.

Thankfully, according to 9To5Google, there are hints in the beta version 10.7 update for Google Messages that Google is working on a fix. A line of code in the APK implies that Google will turn these reaction messages into an appropriate emoji instead of the text string seen above. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s definitely an improvement.

Here’s the code discovered in the app:


Show iPhone reactions as emoji

Of course, we’ve come up with a creative way to silence these messages altogether, so if you find yourself in many group chats with iPhone owners, make sure to follow that technique. This technique will hold you over until Google comes out with this fix, assuming it actually makes its way to the final version of Google Messages.

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