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A YouTube video made the rounds about a month ago showing off a modified iPhone X with USB-C. It’s a cool project that shows what you can do with a bit of knowledge and creativity. Now someone owns the device, as it sold for a staggering $86,001 on eBay.

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Robotics engineering student Kenn Pillonel posted the video of the modified iPhone on YouTube, and it garnered over a million views. We would have assumed it was mostly curiosity, but apparently, there’s a lot more interest in the modified phone than we first thought, a someone was willing to spend $86,001 on it.

As if a price of more than $86,000 wasn’t enough, the seller says you shouldn’t use the device as a regular phone, meaning someone spent this much money on a device they can’t use as their daily device. He also recommends not taking the phone apart or updating the OS, as it could break the extremely rare and expensive phone.

There was a total of 116 bids on the phone. It started at only $1 but quickly rose and eventually capped out at the final price of $86,001.

Pillonel isn’t done messing with iPhones and USB-C, as he said he hopes to improve things such as USB-C fast-charging, waterproofing, and support for USB-C accessories.

Since the phone is already sold, you can learn more about the process through GitHub, as Pillonel has made the project open source. It’s a complicated process, but the details can be found on the GitHub page if you want to try it yourself.

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