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Using Memoji as your Apple ID profile image is fun and gives you an option to prevent your real face from appearing everywhere. This change to your profile picture syncs across devices where you’re using your Apple ID.

How to Set Memoji as Your Apple ID Picture on iPhone or iPad

Before you start, you’ll need to create a Memoji and Animoji on an iPhone or iPad if you haven’t already. Only then can you proceed to use it as the profile picture of your Apple ID.

After creating a Memoji, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad and head to the “Messages” section.

Select "Messages" from the Settings.

Select “Share Name and Photo.”

Select "Share Name and Photo" option.

You’ll see your Apple ID profile with an existing photo (if you had shared one previously). Turn on the toggle for “Name and Photo Sharing” if it’s off.

Toggle on the "Name and Photo Sharing" option.

Under “Share Automatically,” select “Contacts Only” if you want to share your new photo with your contacts automatically.

Select "Contacts Only" option if you don't want to limit sharing your new profile picture with only those you message.

Tap “Add Photo.”

Select "Add Photo" option.

Under the “Memoji” section, select a Memoji or tap on “See More” to view more options.

Select a Memoji or tap "See More" option.

After you pick a Memoji, you can set its emotion to appear in the Apple ID as well. So you can choose one from the existing options or create a new one. Select “Next” after you pick one.

Select an emotion for the Memoji and hit "Next" button.

Use pinch to zoom on the screen to adjust the size of the Memoji to match the circle.

Adjust the Memoji within the circle.

Hit “Choose” in the bottom right corner.

Select "Choose" from the bottom-right corner.

Next, select the background color around your Memoji and tap “Done.”

Select a background color and choose "Done."

Tap “Done” again to finalize all the changes.

Tap "Done" to finalize the changes.

When you see a “Use This Photo Everywhere” prompt, select “Use.”

Select "Use" on the prompt.

That will set the Memoji as your Apple ID and shows it everywhere from the Messages app to the App Store. You can open the “Settings” app, and the chosen Memoji will appear as your Apple ID profile picture under the search bar.

Memoji set as an Apple ID profile photo.

Don’t forget that you can also set your Memoji to cover your face in FaceTime meetings.

How to Set Memoji as Your Apple ID Picture on Mac

You can use a Memoji as your Apple ID photo to appear on the login screen on your Mac. For this to work, though, your Mac needs to run the macOS Monterey 12 update or later.

To get started, press Command+Space to launch Spotlight and type “System Preferences” to open “System and Preferences” on your Mac.

Open "System Preferences."

Click on your profile photo in the top-left corner of the “System and Preferences” window.

Select the “Memojis” section. You’ll see the Memojis you’ve made along with other options.

Select "Memoji" section.

From the Memoji tab, select a Memoji. Or you can click the plus sign and create a new Memoji from scratch.

Next, click on the “Pose” tab to adjust its pose and see the preview in the bottom-left corner.

Select the "Pose" tab and check preview in the bottom-left corner.

Click on the “Style” tab to add a background to the Memoji.

Select "Style" tab to add a background color.

Hit the “Save” button to apply all the changes.

Tap "Save" button to apply all the changes.

The Memoji will appear on the lock screen and login screen. It also acts as an Animoji on your Mac’s lock screen and login screen. If you have an Apple Watch, you may want to use your Memoji on your Watch as well.

That’s it! Apart from setting a new Memoji, you can secure your Apple ID by setting up two-factor authentication for it.

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