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Deselecting areas in photos and layers in Adobe Photoshop is actually easier than selecting them. We’ll show you how to deselect items using multiple ways in this photo editing tool.

Note: Know that deselecting an item does not change that item in any way. It only clears the selection and that’s it.

Deselect Area With a Keyboard Shortcut in Photoshop

A quick way to deselect an area in Photoshop is to use a keyboard shortcut. It works on both Windows and Mac computers.

To use it, first, open the Photoshop window where you have made the selection that you now want to deselect.

A photo with an area selected in Photoshop.

On Windows, press Ctrl+D to deselect the selected area. On Mac, press Command+D.

Photoshop will immediately deselect the selected area on your photo.

Deselect with a keyboard shortcut.

Want to assign a custom key for deselection? There’s a way to do that by customizing the Photoshop shortcuts.

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Deselect Area With a Right-Click Menu Option

Another way to deselect an area in Photoshop is to use an option from the right-click menu.

To use that, first, open the Photoshop window where you have a photo’s area selected.

An image with selected area.

Right-click the selected area on your photo, and from the menu that opens, select “Deselect.”

And Photoshop will clear your selection.

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Deselect Area With a Menu Bar Option

If you prefer using menu bar options, there’s an option in the menu bar to clear the selection.

To use it, find the selected area in your photo on Photoshop.

A photo's part selected in Photoshop.

In Photoshop’s menu bar, click Select > Deselect.

Tip: To reselect the deselected area, choose Select > Reselect in Photoshop’s menu bar.

Photoshop will deselect the selected area on your photo. That’s it.

If you find the Photoshop menu bar cluttered, you can hide the unwanted items in the menu.

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Deselect a Layer in Photoshop

Deselecting a layer in Photoshop is also easy.

To do that, in the “Layers” panel on the right of the Photoshop interface, click anywhere in the panel (but not on any layer).

That will deselect your selected layers. Consider merging layers if they are cluttering the panel.

And that’s how you clear your various selections in Adobe’s photo editing tool!

Want to reselect something but more precisely? Check out our guide on how to make accurate selections in Photoshop.

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