Apple released an update for its iCloud Utility for Windows and it brings with it support for Apple ProRAW and ProRes codecs, which were previously not available for Windows users. It also adds a handy password generator.

With the new update, Apple is making it so Windows users can take advantage of the ProRAW and ProRes image and video codecs. These files store more information in each file and have less quality loss, which means your photo and videos will look nicer. If you use the latest iPhones and want to take advantage of these new formats but you don’t have a Mac, this update will be quite useful for you.

Outside of the new codecs, Apple also added a feature that’ll generate secure passwords for you, which is quite handy if you’re the kind of person who can’t come up with creative passwords and find yourself using the same insecure ones all the time.

If you’re an iCloud Drive user, the latest update also lets you add or remove people from a shared folder, which is a small but welcomed change.

You can download the latest version of iCloud from the Microsoft Store right now. If you’re a crossover user who likes both Windows and Apple devices, this is an update that you’ll definitely enjoy.

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