Sony's PlayStation 5 Consoles
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Getting a PS5 is no easy task, even though the console has been available for what seems like forever. Verizon is willing to help you get your hands on one, but you need to be an existing wireless customer.

As is always the case when there are PS5 consoles for sale, supply through Verizon will be very limited. Don’t expect to jump on the company’s website at any time to simply order one. Instead, you’ll have a very limited time to get one, and we’re not sure when that time will be yet.

Right now, you can see listings for both the $400 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the more expensive $500 PS5 disc model on Verizon’s website. However, both models are listed as out of stock.

If you do happen to catch the item in stock on Verizon’s website, you’ll need to have a Verizon wireless account and active service with the company. However, if you manage to find one in a Verizon store (the company hasn’t said which locations will have the PS5 consoles in stock), you won’t need to be an existing customer.

It’s another option available to get a PS5, which is nice. Of course, if you’re not a Verizon customer, you’ll be left out of this one. At least it’s better than Best Buy’s option, which requires you to purchase a separate subscript just to get the ability to order one.

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