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Firefox 94 was released a few days ago, and it didn’t generate as much excitement as some versions of the browser. However, it has a pretty cool new visual feature called Colorways that brings colored themes to the browser but only for a limited time.

Mozilla announced the new feature on its blog. The company said, “With 94, you’ll find a selection of six fun seasonal Colorways (available for a limited time only). Now you can find a color to suit (or lift) your every mood.”

Basically, there are six different colors to choose from, and each has three levels of intensity, giving you a total of 18 different theming options to choose from. They all have soothing names like Abstract, Lush, and so on.

Firefox Colorways

What’s odd is that Mozilla says the themes are “available for a limited time only.” It seems weird to roll out a new feature designed to “suit (or lift) your every mood” and have it disappear after a while. Perhaps the company is trying to gauge user interest before it decides to implement and expand upon the feature in the future.

Additionally, it appears as though Firefox is trying to get more people to use the feature, as some users are reporting that a popup is alerting them of the Colorways and pushing them to give it a try. This might be a little intrusive to some people, but perhaps the tradeoff of getting soothing colors is worth it.

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