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Update, 01/30/2023: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and are confident these are still the best Pixel 6 cases you can buy.

What to Look for in a Google Pixel 6 Case in 2023

Even though the standard Pixel 6 is the smaller phone in Google’s Pixel 6 lineup, it’s still fairly large. Moreover, the glass sandwich design makes it very slippery and prone to damage if you drop it. So a case is helpful in not only protecting the phone but also making it easier to hold.

If you are looking for a Pixel 6 case, several excellent options are available on the market. As not everyone has the same case preferences, case makers offer a variety of choices. You can get everything from a rugged case to a clear case to a wallet case. Each case has its own primary purpose, and it provides a different level of protection.

For example, rugged cases typically provide the toughest protection for any phone. They can easily withstand drops, bumps, and scratches. On the other hand, thin cases prioritize their sleek form factor over enhanced protection.

Similarly, clear cases target the consumers who don’t want to hide their phone’s design and color behind a cover. Finally, wallet cases come with slots to store credit, debit, or ID cards, thus allowing you to ditch your wallet. Some even have space to hold cash.

For the Pixel 6 specifically, you’ll want a case that can keep the glass body of the phone in one piece and has sufficient protection for mishaps. Additionally, the case should ideally have raised edges to safeguard the screen and some protection for the huge camera bar on the back of the phone.

With all that in mind, let’s jump into our recommendations.

Note: The cases below will fit on the Google Pixel 6, but not the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Make sure you’re buying the right case for your Pixel!

Best Pixel 6 Case Overall: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen cases on Pixel 6


  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Textured sides for added grip
  • Good quality protection
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Design may not appeal to everyone
  • Only one color option

Spigen is known for making some of the best cases on the market, and the company has continued that tradition with its Liquid Air Armor Case for the Google Pixel 6. It is an excellent, no-frills case that will serve you well.

The case is lightweight and comes with a slim form factor, so you don’t have to worry too much about the added bulk. In addition, its textured sides help with the grip. Given the large size of the phone, the added grip will undoubtedly come in handy. Spigen has also added a matte finish to resist fingerprint smudges.

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor features raised lips on the front to safeguard the screen from bumps and falls. Moreover, there is protection for the rear camera bump, so the camera setup won’t get scratched when you place the phone on a table or another surface.

In terms of durability and protection, the case is made with good quality TPU material. It also includes the company’s Air Cushion technology that will absorb the shock when you inevitably drop the phone and keep it safe and sound.

Unfortunately, you only get one color option—black—and the case’s geometric pattern may not appeal to everyone. But the Liquid Air Armor is an effective case that won’t break the bank if those aren’t dealbreakers.

If you want something without the Liquid Air Armor’s geometric pattern or with a kickstand, Spigen’s Tough Armor is a great option. It is also among the toughest cases in Spigen’s portfolio.

Best Pixel 6 Case Overall

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor is a great all-rounder case for the Pixel 6. It comes with drop protection and an enhanced grip in a slim form factor.

Best Budget Pixel 6 Case: Caseology Vault

Caseology Pixel 6 Vault held in hand


  • Offers good quality protection despite being affordable
  • Sandstone texture on the back for better grip
  • Available in three colorways


  • Sides lack enhanced texture

After already spending over $600 on the Pixel 6, you may not be keen to shell out a lot on a case. If so, then the Caseology Vault is perfect for you. It costs just $13 but is still able to protect the phone from everyday mishaps.

The Caseology Vault has a sandstone texture on the back for an excellent grip, and it comes with raised edges to protect both the screen and the camera module. While it may not be as slim as our pick for the best thin case, the Vault features a relatively sleek design that makes it easier to carry around.

The case can easily handle the occasional drops thanks to the durable TPU material and the company’s WaveShock pattern, which is present on the inside and disperses the shock of a fall.

You also get choices in terms of colorways, and the Caseology Vault is available in Sage Green, Urban Gray, and Matte Black.

Caseology mentions in the product documentation that it has a “Dia Grip” on the sides to offer a secure grip. However, there is nothing like that on the actual case, as buyers have mentioned in the Amazon reviews. So, if you need to make sure the side grip is good, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Best Budget Pixel 6 Case

Caseology Vault

The Caseology Vault has all the basics of a good case, and it doesn't cost a fortune. In addition, the case has a relatively slim design.

Best Pixel 6 Wallet Case: VRS Design Damda Glide Pro

VRS wallet case on table
VRS Design


  • Space to store up to four cards
  • Sliding door for the wallet compartment is convenient


  • Big and bulky
  • No wireless charging support

If you are looking to ditch your wallet, the VRS Design Damda Glide Pro case can help. It offers a great combination of stylistic design, practicality, and top-notch protection.

The case comes with a compartment to easily store three or four credit, debit, or ID cards and some cash. The card slot has a semi-automatic sliding door, making it super convenient to put in or take out your cards.

In addition, you get superior quality protection with raised lips to withstand occasional bumps and drops. Unfortunately though, because of the relatively thick size of the case, you won’t be able to charge the Google Pixel 6 wirelessly.

Also, of course, the VRS Design Damda Glide Pro is significantly bigger and bulkier than many of our other recommendations. But both of these problems are inherent to the wallet cases, not specifically to VRS’s offering.

Best Pixel 6 Wallet Case

VRS Design Damda Glide Pro

With its functional wallet compartment, stylistic design, and superior protection, the VRS Design Damda Glide Pro is the best Pixel 6 wallet case on the market.

Best Rugged Pixel 6 Case: Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox defender case on yellow background


  • Multiple layers to keep Pixel 6 protected
  • Included holster features a kickstand
  • Support for wireless charging


  • Expensive than regular cases
  • Bulky and heavy

Otterbox’s name is almost synonymous with rugged cases, and if you are looking for one for your new Pixel 6, you can’t go wrong with the Otterbox Defender Series. It comes with a multi-layer construction that makes it absolutely tough and able to withstand most drops, scratches, bumps, and scrapes.

Apart from a sturdy body, the case also comes with port covers to prevent dust, dirt, and lint from getting in. And like many other case makers these days, Otterbox is also thinking about the environment, so this case is made with 50 percent recycled plastic.

As you can expect, the heavy-duty design of the Otterbox case makes it quite bulky. But it supports wireless charging, so you won’t have to remove the case every time you place it on your wireless charger.

In addition, Otterbox bundles a holster with the case to keep it secure. The holster includes a belt clip that can also double as a kickstand when needed.

Overall, if you are looking for no-nonsense protection, there is no better ruggedized case for the Pixel 6. It’s not the cheapest case, but if you need this level of protection, it’s worth every penny.

Best Rugged Pixel 6 Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox makes some of the best rugged cases on the market, and its Defender Series case is perfect for the Pixel 6. The case offers top-notch protection and even supports wireless charging.

Best Clear Pixel 6 Case: Ringke Fusion

Ringky Google Pixel 6 cases on blue background


  • Dual-layer design for enhanced protection
  • Features raised edges
  • Inexpensive
  • Lanyard holes for hand or neck straps


  • Attracts fingerprint smudges

If you don’t like to hide your phone’s design and color behind a case but still want some protection, a clear case like the Ringke Fusion is your best bet. It’s a transparent case that allows you to show off the Pixel’s dual-tone design and that massive camera bump in all its glory.

Ringke Fusion uses dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate construction to keep the Google Pixel 6 safe from accidental drops, bumps, or bruises. There are raised edges as well to safeguard the screen and camera bump.

The company has also included several minor tweaks to enhance the experience of using this case. For example, the power button carries a textured finish, and there is a dot on the volume rocker for easier identification. In addition, Ringke has included lanyard holes to attach hand or neck-straps to the case.

Since Ringke has not used silicone in the Fusion case, you don’t have to worry about it turning yellow over time. Of course, it will get dirty and lose some color, but that can be rectified by carefully cleaning it.

Best Clear Pixel 6 Case

Ringke Fusion

Looking to show off the Pixel 6? Ringke Fusion is made of transparent TPU and polycarbonate materials. It also features raised lips to safeguard your phone's screen and camera module.

Best Thin Pixel 6 Case: Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit cases on pink background


  • Matte finish to resist fingerprint smudges
  • Air Cushion technology to absorb bumps and bruises
  • Raised lip to protect screen and camera bump


  • Limited protection

Rugged and tough cases can be bulky, so it’s understandable that you may want to sacrifice some extra protection for a thin and light case. For the best slim Pixel 6 case, we recommend the Spigen Thin Fit.

This case is lightweight and has a thin profile but can still provide a decent level of protection, thanks to Spigen’s Air Cushion technology that can absorb a lot of bumps and minor shocks. The case also comes with a matte finish so that it won’t become a fingerprint magnet. The Thin Fit also makes Pixel 6 a lot easier to hold as the phone is super slippery and very easy to drop if you are not too careful.

Despite the case’s slim profile, Spigen has managed to add raised edges, and they will be very helpful in safeguarding that beautiful OLED screen and the camera bump on the back.

Overall, the Spigen Thin Fit is a fantastic minimal case for the Pixel 6 that makes it easier to hold your phone without a lot of bulk.

Best Thin Pixel 6 Case

Spigen Thin Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit provides a decent level of protection to the Pixel 6 without adding too much bulk. So if you are looking for something minimal, it is a no-brainer.

Best Leather Pixel 6 Case: Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy case on dark grey background


  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Premium look and five color options


  • More expensive than regular TPU or polycarbonate cases

Want a premium-looking case for the Pixel 6? Bellroy’s leather case is a great option. Designed in partnership with Google, the case provides an excellent, premium fit. You don’t have to worry about your phone popping out with a minor bump or shock with this case!

The case uses eco-tanned leather for a soft finish that feels nice in hand. It also features microfiber lining on the inside to keep the phone in a top-notch condition.

Moreover, you can buy it in one of five colorways, each of which looks amazing. If you’re alright with animal products, you’ll be sure to find a Bellroy case that’ll suit your style.

As you can expect, the case is significantly more expensive than a typical TPU or polycarbonate case, but it will easily last you a long time and continue to look great. In case you have any issues with the case, the company provides a three-year warranty as well.

The Bellroy case also has a slim profile, so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk and is fully compatible with wireless charging.

Best Leather Pixel 6 Case

Bellroy Leather Case

The Bellroy case looks beautiful and is made with premium leather. It also has a slim profile but will still protect the Pixel 6 from everyday mishaps.

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