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How to Remotely Use A PC’s DVD Drive Across Your Network


If you own a netbook you will know what we mean when we say sacrificing a DVD drive can sometimes be a pain. Net burner sets out to solve this problem by letting you use the drive on another pc remotely.

Note: Keep in mind that you will have to install Net Burner on both the PC that hosts the drive, as well as the PC that you are connecting from.

Head over to the paragon website, and fill out a some quick information so that you can receive your download link via email.


Soon after you hit the submit button, you will receive an email with your details to log into the paragon download section. Follow the instructions in the email to quickly download your free copy of Net Burner.


The installation process is a next, next, finish matter and should take no longer than 30 Seconds to complete. When you get to the installation type the machine that has the optical drive only needs the Server components.


The PC that you are connecting from only requires the client components.


Once it is open the program on the PC with no drive, it should search your network for available drives.


Click next and that’s all there is to it. As you can see it will add the drive as if it is locally attached.




This will work on Windows XP, 7 and 8 as well as Server 2008


Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 10/18/11

Comments (21)

  1. Greg Toland

    I’ve used a DVD across my Network simply by using W7 sharing functionality. I haven’t tried burning a CD by this method.

    Does Net Burner do anything different?

  2. Eric

    I kept getting a StarPort Lite driver error when installing it twice. Is there anyone else that got it and how did you fix it? Thanks Eric
    Windows 7 Home Pre.

  3. Eric

    Hmmm also the app wont even start.

  4. frostfever

    My wifes comp sits next to my desk. When my dvd drive busted I started using hers. We do the sharing over the network so we have access to her burner and my movie collection from either computer.
    we can also access each others WMP which comes in handy when she doesn’t like a song i may be singing in the next room.

  5. frostfever

    ^^running win7 64

  6. Richard

    I just right-click on the DVD drive within Windows 7 and enable read-only sharing before mapping a drive to it on the netbook.

    Failing that, I turn the DVD into an ISO and then use MagicDisk or Virtual Clone Drive (instructions at to access it that way.

    I’m sure this software is great for certain circumstances, but I can’t help feeling that it’s a little overkill.

  7. ericssonfan

    Just share the dvd drive in Windows. Simple.

  8. naviathan

    Just sharing the drive doesn’t allow you the ability to burn. It only allows you access to the data in the drive (if any). This program appears to be using the iSCSI protocol to pass generic SCSI and ATA commands. The only downside I see to it is that you still have to pass the data through the network, which can be a time consuming task, and you still have to be present at the network machine to insert the blank disk and retrieve it when it’s done. Might as well create an ISO on the driveless machine and upload it to a share on the other then burn it.

  9. Parker Phillips

    I solved the problem a while back by just buying a used external DVD burner at a yard sale for $15.

  10. Yoshiyah

    Why bother? Most Netbooks are running Windows 7 Starter which does not support DVD Playback, so watching a DVD from it will not be possible anyway. Also, Netbooks come with Card Readers. I would just purchase a External Hard drive or 32GB SD card and place any date on that. That way you always have whatever data you need.

    It just works better for me than trying to mess around with DVD/CD. You also can at least re-write if need be.

  11. Yoshiyah

    You could also rip any DVD to your computer and place that on a SD card to watch on Netbook. Windows will see it as either an .avi file or .mp4 file, so you will be able to playback the movie.

  12. Eric

    I dont need this app I just like trying things that people come out with and see how good they work. I mean really lets face it there are so many redundant apps out there its crazy.

  13. Dafoo

    @Yoshiyah Many good netbooks use full versions of Windows 7, so this is useful, especially if you want to install something from dvd.

  14. Will

    What’s wrong with \\(network address)\(drive letter)$ ?

  15. rangerevo8

    Why not just share the DVD Drive? Nothing need to be installed.

  16. Keith McMakin

    I am not sure how to make the DVD available for my granddaughter’s netbook. She is playing games that are on a dvd. I understand that this is read only. Since she is in middle school I want to keep it simple (mostly for me).

  17. liz

    Maybe I didn’t understand this correctly, but can’t you just share the drive across a network, I’ve loaded software on another machine from another PC’s DVD drive

  18. vgamesx1

    ok and how do you share a DVD drive?
    sure you can sure a usb external dvd drive but I don’t have one and I don’t know to many people that do.
    because most desktops come with a internal DVD drive even most newer laptops, so tell me, how do you share a DVD drive?
    it is possible to share an internal one but what a pain.

  19. Eric Schell

    “it is possible to share an internal one but what a pain”.vgamesx1, You sure got that right!

  20. Stuart

    Let me clear this up.

    This program will allow you to use the disc over the network as a disc, not as a shared drive. It will do call’s to the remote drive as if it were actually local. Sharing a drive over the network will only get you access to the data and will appear locally as a remote share.

    That will not be enough, this will appear as a drive and give you access to just about all that is on it. For instance if the disc inside was a mixed mode CD with a data track and Audio tracks a shared drive would not give you access to the music but this will. Some simpler protections may even like this method of use and continue to work.

    I have two programs that we use at work for which we need the CDs in order to run them, I use another method, filedisk and ISOs, but if I had a need for on the fly use I’d probably look into this. With that being said, just running the exe from a share would not get me far, it might install but on start up it would ask me to insert the CD.

  21. Will

    I had to restart both computers after installation to get things working. Also needed to unblock ports 9260-9262 in Windows Firewall as the installation instructs. I’m using this software to share a Blu-Ray drive between two different machines to play back discs remotely (without ripping first, etc.). Normally you would need a local drive to do this.

    This software works great and as far as I know is the only way to get this setup working.

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