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Your WhatsApp Status (which appears as a Story) is visible to everyone on your contacts list by default. However, you might want to hide your status from specific friends. Here’s how you can do that in WhatsApp.

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How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status From Specific Friends

Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to limit specific status updates to select folks. However, you can limit who all can see your status updates.

To get started, open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android.

Tap on the “Settings” button in the bottom-left on iPhone. On Android, you’ll have to tap the three vertical dots and select “Settings.”

Select "Settings" button in the bottom-right corner.

Select “Account.”

Select "Account."

Next, tap “Privacy.”

Select "Privacy."

Then tap “Status.”

Select "Status."

Select the “My Contacts Except” option, and you’ll then need to pick the specific friends from whom you want to hide your future WhatsApp status. You can scroll and select the contacts or search for them by name.

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Select contacts or friends you want to hide your future status updates from.

Tap “Done” after you’ve selected the relevant contacts.

Tap "Done" after selecting contacts to exclude.

Now select the “Status” button in the bottom-left corner, tap on your profile icon and add a new status to test the new changes.

Select the "Status" button in the bottom-left corner."

Besides that, you can also disable read reciepts to stop those friends from knowing that you’ve read their messages.

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