Start11 on Windows 10

Microsoft has extremely strict requirements to upgrade to Windows 11, but if you want to experience a bit of Windows 11 on Windows 10, you can give Stardock’s Start11 a try, as it brings the new start menu to the previous version of Windows.

Arguably the most incredible feature of Start11 is the ability to change the Windows 10 start menu to one that looks almost identical to Windows 11‘s. It’s quite a nice-looking upgrade from the Windows 10 start menu if you’re a fan of the Windows 11 style.

If you’re using Windows 11 already, Start11 has tons of features for you, as its primary purpose is to tweak the start menu on the latest version of the OS. You can use it to choose from several different start menu layouts, change the taskbar’s position between the top or bottom of the screen, and even tweak the color of the menu.

For people who miss Windows 10, you can get a Windows 10-style start menu in Windows 11, so you can go back to the look you know and love.

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It also brings back some features to the Windows 11 start menu, such as restoring the taskbar context menu. Start11 also adds some functionality like support for pages on start menu layouts, enhanced search capabilities, and the ability to create shortcut links.

Start11 looks like a powerful piece of software, and if you’ve used any of Stardock’s previous tools, you already know how well it’ll work. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but it’ll only set you back $5.99, which isn’t bad for the amount of stuff it can do.

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