Leaked Lenovo laptop

Lately, there’s been a lot of excitement around laptops, especially with Apple having just announced the new MacBook Pro models. Lenovo appears to be going in its own direction with a leaked model that features a second screen alongside the keyboard.

The laptop was posted on Twitter by the ever-reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks), and it shows off a laptop with a design that’s like nothing we’ve seen before. Rather than the layout used by the ASUS ZenBook Duo, where the second screen is above the keyboard, this Lenovo laptop puts a screen next to the keyboard and touchpad.

In addition to the large screen next to the keyboard, there’s a traditional touchpad below it that’ll let you use this as a more conventional laptop.


To make this work, Lenovo is using a 17″ laptop, as you need the extra width to fit the screen on the side of the keyboard.

This seems designed for people looking to do art on their laptops, and the inclusion of a stylus in the image further shows that this is what the second screen is designed to do.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate on specs and other aspects of the laptop, as Blass only leaked the photo without any further information. With CES 2022 slated to start in January, it might make sense for Lenovo to show it off then.

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