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If you’d like to compare two photos side by side, to find their quality differences or anything else, you can use Windows 11’s built-in Photos app. We’ll show you how to quickly compare two or more photos with this application.

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How to Compare Photos in the Photos App on Windows 11

To compare photos with the Photos app, first, use File Explorer to place the photos you want to compare in a single folder on your PC. Then right-click one of these photos and select Open With > Photos.

When Photos opens, bring your cursor to the bottom of your screen. You will see thumbnails of the other photos in your current folder. Here, select the photo that you’d like to compare with the current photo open in the app.

Choose a photo for comparison.

The Photos app now displays both your photos side by side for comparison.

Side by side photo comparison in Photos.

To add more photos to comparison, bring your cursor to the bottom of the Photos screen and select the photos to compare.

Select photos to add to comparison.

You now have more than two photos shown on your screen.

Multiple photos for comparison in Photos.

And that’s how you use Photos’ cool little feature to find image differences! You can then touch up your pictures with a Windows photo editor.

Did you know you can scroll through your photos blazingly fast with a specific Photos feature?

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