MacBook M1 Pro and Max models side by side

The notch has been a significant talking point with the new MacBook Pro. Some fans have defended the design choice as a way to increase the overall amount of screen real estate. However, it doesn’t look like the OS is playing nicely with the notch in all cases, at least for now.

Snazzy Labs owner Quinn Nelson posted on Twitter showing some issues with how the new MacBook Pro works with some applications. Basically, some Status bar icons, such as Apple’s battery indicator, can get hidden by the notch when menu bar items are extended.

Using iStat Menus, Nelson showed how almost the entirety of the information from the app can be hidden under the notch, thus rendering the app basically useless. According to the developer of iStat Menus, the app is just using standard status items, and the guidance Apple posted for developers regarding the notch won’t solve this issue.

A second video posted by Nelson shows how older apps interact with the notch. Basically, with an older version of DaVinci Resolve, you can’t even move your cursor into the notch. Instead, your mouse moves around it. With the same app with extended menu items, the items overtake the system icons, making it so you can’t access them without minimizing DaVinci Resolve.

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While annoying, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most people, as they won’t have enough icons in their status bar to fill it up beyond the notch. Still, it’s unfortunate that Apple didn’t get this right, especially considering the staunch opposition many fans had towards the notch. The company only has one chance to make an excellent first impression with this divisive design, and it doesn’t seem like it’s doing a good job with that.

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