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WhatsApp recently announced that you could transfer your WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Samsung phones. Now Google has announced that you can transfer your messages from iPhone to any Pixel phone.

Android 12 made it easier to switch to Android from iPhone, but now, you can transfer your WhatsApp history between operating systems. Fortunately, now you can transfer your messages with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable

Make sure you have the cable you need so you can transfer your WhatsApp history.

Once you’re in the transfer process between iPhone and Android, scan a QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and move all your conversations and media between devices.

“Our team has worked hand-in-hand with WhatsApp to ensure your data remains protected throughout the transfer process, so no one else can ever access your WhatsApp information and files,” Google said in a blog post. “Your WhatsApp chat history will simply be copied from your iPhone to your new Android phone, and we’ll automatically make sure you don’t receive new messages on the old device while the transfer is in progress.”

While the feature is on Pixel phones right now, it’s coming to all other phones getting Android 12.

Obviously, this is meant to attract more users to Android, and making it easier to switch between the two operating systems could help attract more people. Of course, there’s always the issue with iMessage and the green text bubbles, but it doesn’t seem like Google has a solution to that coming soon.

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