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Going out to see a movie isn’t always viable. Instead, you can watch something intended for the big screen in the comfort of your own home. These gifts make it that much more enjoyable for the movie-lovers in your life!

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Best Tech Gifts for Movie-Lovers

A good movie is a hard thing to beat. While it’s hard to replicate the experience of seeing something in a movie theater, that doesn’t mean a movie night at home has to be a drag. Plus, there are a lot of luxuries you can have at home that aren’t allowed in a cinema.

Whether you’re looking to buy for your other half, your kids, or just someone else who loves movies, we’ve got you covered with some of the best gifts around. From neat tech to audio options that’ll make movies sound great, there are plenty of unique gifts to be had.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

West Bend Popcorn Machine: The Party is Popping Off

Stir Crazy popcorn machine on table
West Bend

Everyone knows that the first thing you need when planning a movie night is good snacks.

It’s also a well-known fact that no movie is complete without popcorn, and that’s why we’re here to talk about the West Bend Popcorn Machine. This little cooker can pop popcorn like you wouldn’t believe, thanks to a stir rod that keeps the unpopped corn moving around the heated plate to help it all get cooked.

Plus, the lid doubles as a serving bowl, so your giftee can save on dishes as well.

West Bend Popcorn Machine

An impressive popcorn maker that also doubles as a big old popcorn bowl.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine: Shaken or Stirred

Bartesian cocktail machine on blue and purple background

Nobody needs alcohol to have fun. If, however, you know the person you’re buying for is partial to a fancy drink, then why not buy them the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine.

This device works a bit like a Nespresso machine, with the user only needing to insert a cocktail capsule into it, make sure there is enough spirit in the appropriate reservoirs, and then enjoy the drink that comes out of it.

It can make a lot of different drinks, too; all the user needs are the right capsules. Bartesian’s machine is simple, effective, and saves money in the long run. Also, it’s just neat.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail

A device to allow the fanciest drinks going at the touch of a button.

Bose TV Speaker: Powerful Sound

Bose soundbar on table

Soundbars aren’t a new type of tech, but they’re getting more popular as they’re becoming more affordable.

If you’re looking to buy one for someone you love, then the Bose TV Speaker is an excellent choice. It features Bluetooth connectivity along with standard Auxiliary and HDMI ports. It also has two angled drivers to allow for a better spatial audio experience and enhance dialogue.

The latter point is perfect for films, where the sound balance can sometimes be off due to streaming services. This soundbar will help you get a fantastic audio experience and is worth every penny.

Bose TV Speaker

A powerful soundbar to help deliver amazing sound to the entire room.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+: Small But Powerful Streaming

Roku streaming stick 4k on table with coffee

Many people nowadays tend to watch movies via streaming services rather than owning Blu-Rays and Ultra HD disks. Even if your giftee is the type to prefer physical media, they probably still use streaming services to watch films they don’t own.

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ is the latest in the Roku range, and it offers a tiny little dongle that grants easy access to all of the best streaming services. Along with an upgraded streaming connection, the new Streaming Stick 4K+ features a rechargeable remote that allows users to control the device with their voice, all for a more than reasonable price.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+

A tiny streaming dongle designed for ease of use with the simple Roku OS system.

Apple TV 4K: Not Just Ted Lasso

Apple TV 4K on pink background

Not every movie night specifically revolves around movies anymore. A night-in could likely be spent binge-watching or catching up on TV that has been missed.

The 2021 Apple TV 4K is an excellent streaming device that allows the user to browse services like Disney+, HBO Max, and more. Not only that, but it also grants access to the Apple TV service too, which is home to some excellent shows.

The most appealing thing here, though, is that it grants access to Apple’s array of services. That means Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, and more can all be used with the streaming device. Since those services are generally exclusive to the Apple ecosystem, that’s a big bonus for the Apple TV 4K.

Sure, that’s not all just for movie nights, but it’s a nice bonus.

2021 Apple TV 4K

Apple TV is rapidly becoming a fantastic streaming service. This little box grants access to that and so much more.

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Philips Hue Smart Bulb: Set the Mood

Philips Hue light bulb on table
Margarita Young/

A good movie night needs good lighting. There are many ways to do this, but few are as all-inclusive and straightforward as the Philips Hue Smart Bulb.

These are smart bulbs, easily controlled via the Hue app or whatever smart home hub your movie-lover has at home. The color bulbs allow different colors and intensities to make for the perfect mood, no matter what movie is on.

Even when the movie’s over, the customizable colors and brightness of these bulbs are sure to provide some extra use around the house.

Philips Hue Bulbs

Smart bulbs that allow for the perfect mood lighting no matter the mood.

Optoma Home Theater Projector: The Biggest Screen

optoma projector on grey background

Projectors are a bit of a luxury item, but that means they make a fantastic gift.

The Optoma Home Theater Projector features 1080p projection but allows for 4k input, which means the image will look fantastic even at the standard resolution. It’s also HDR compatible, which means that whoever you’re buying this for will be privy to some of the best images going.

The Optoma Home Theater Projector is very good for gaming thanks to a low-input delay. We know that’s not strictly a movie night thing, but lots of people like gaming, and doing so on a massive screen is a huge amount of fun.

If you’re going all out with this gift, make sure to grab a high-quality projector screen, too!

Optoma Home Theater Projector

The perfect gift for someone who loves to live large.

Logitech Surround Sound System: Hear all the Highs and Lows

logitech surround sound system on pink background

A good picture is essential to a good movie night, but the sound is just as crucial for many people.

The Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System has multiple speakers and pumps out 5.1 Dolby surround sound for a fantastic experience. It can be controlled easily thanks to a wireless remote and can also be set up to receive inputs from multiple sources, which makes it excellent if the person you’re buying for has a lot of different devices.

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

A collection of speakers that are easy to set up to deliver fantastic surround sound.

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